WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Plant)

BIO WWTP Waste Water Treatment Plant is using the Media BIO (EM / Bacteria Pengurai) with system BIO-Tecnology that is designed in the form of Fiberglass tanks. BIOFIVE tank of the WWTP BIO use BIOFILTER media such as Honeycomb and PVC and other materials bioball ANTI-CORROSION with anaerobic and aerobic system uses AERATOR BLOWER as suply oxygen in the tank so that the growth of bacteria degrading life will be very good despite the huge inflow but still breed.

WWTP BIO with BIOFIVE METHOD can treat waste as follows:
  • Ipal Communal Waste (Manual Ipal / Anaerobic and Aerobic System system)
  • Ipal Domestic Waste (Ipal housing, Ipal Accessories Rusunawa, Cotage, villa ..)
  • Ipal Organic Waste (Ipal Market, Ipal Restaurant, Ipal Mini Market, Ipal Supermarket, Ipal slaughtering, Ipal foodcourt)
  • Commercial Waste Ipal: (Ipal Hotel, Ipal Mall, Ipal Office, Ipal Rukan, Ipal Apartment, Ipal Inn, Ipal Warehousing)
  • Ipal Medical Waste (Ipal Hospitals, Clinics Ipal, Ipal health, medicine Medical Ipal)
  • Industrian WWTP (WWTP Mini Ipal Clinical, Chemical, Industrial, Home indutry, WWTP Waste Plant) 
  • Chemical WWTP (WWTP Ipal Portable, Waste Ipal Laundry, Ipal Laboratory, Ipal Waste Workshop)
  • Other special wastes Ipal
Advantages of WWTP BIOFIVE :
1. The standard exhaust Development.
2. Installation simple and easy.
3. No need special care.
4. Using Biological Ball & Bio filter.
5. Not easily filled.
6. Can be in UPGRADE.
7. Do not contaminate the ground water resources.
8. Warranty Body tank Biofive 10 years.
9. Anti corrosion.

STP Biofive Domestic Wastewater Treatment

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